74 m²
© Joe Kesrouani
“The Counter”, the embodiment of a new concept for a high-end eyewear shop, incorporates the following two objectives of a strong formula that distinguishes itself from the existing market by offering a unique space and the possibility of duplicating and adapting this formula to a wide variety of locations and markets. The main functions are summed up by four main items: the central counter, the vertical display shelving, the multifunction wall and the VIP space. The organization of these elements will be the factors for creating the interior space. This approach can be adjusted to fit shops of varying size. As our mission was to create a shop that would conceptualize its commercial name, we started this project by defining how a counter could be used in a retail space. The idea of a central counter was pushed to its maximum, creating a recognizable icon and an attraction factor. The central counter has the following objectives: -Display: Counters are commonly used for exhibitions in jewelry shops. Utilizing a similar system for eyewear highlights the aesthetic value as a precious object. -Personal Interaction: The specific configuration of the counter provides privacy for the viewer in that he is able to look at different designs, open drawers and occupy the space in front of him, creating a kind of personal work space. -Vision: The eyewear pieces are set at an angle and lit from the back, in order to enhance design and color.