Penthouse Bloc B, 20|30 Building, Furn El Hayek, Ashrafieh - Lebanon
725 m²
© Ieva Saudargaite

Located within the residential district of Ashrafieh, in eastern Beirut, Penthouse R takes a prime position at the summit of a new residential tower with twenty floors. From here, this family residence looks out over the city below but also towards the horizon and the open sea, which offers a mesmerizing vista. The design of the penthouse revolves around this dramatic panorama.

The principal level of the penthouse features a generously scaled, double height living space, which flows out – via a sliding wall of glass – to a substantial pool terrace. Facing the Mediterranean, the pool offers both a valuable amenity and a focal point for the family, with semi-mature trees and other planting on the terrace adding touches of greenery. The kitchen and dining area are also located on this principal level and can be lightly partitioned with sliding glass doors if required.

A sculptural cast terrazzo staircase winds upwards towards the two additional floors above, with the master suite plus a family room at mid-level and three children’s bedroom on the top floor. The central elevator core helps to provide structural support for the sculptural staircase that winds around it, connecting the different levels. The penthouse is also home to an extensive collection of art, photography and sculpture.