Lot 105, Dbayeh, Lebanon
604 m²
3,322 m²
1,510 m²
© Géraldine Bruneel © Joe Kesrouani © Ieva Saudargaite
Situated in the Mediterranean coastal town of Dbayeh, between Beirut and Jounieh, the headquarters of Mitsulift sits within an urban context close to arterial routes. The building provides a new home for a company specializing in the installation and servicing of elevators made by Mitsubishi Electric of Japan. The programme for the building was divided into three essential parts, with retail spaces at ground level, offices at mid level and boardrooms and meeting spaces for Mitsulift on the top floors, benefitting from the views of the coast. These upper storeys offer an enticing environment for company guests and visitors, with light-filled spaces, floor to ceiling windows and adjoining roof terraces, which provide fresh air zones with an open vista of the town and the sea. The management of light and energy was a key priority throughout the design process, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and creating the most comfortable day to day setting for the many users of the building. A combination of high ceilings and recessed windows helps to mitigate the impact of the summer sun, while allowing for a rich quality of natural light. The many green measures featured in the building include heat recovery systems, solar heating for hot water and variable speed elevators.