Hazmieh, Lebanon
6,900 m²
2,085 m²
Living in a green environment so close to the city is a huge privilege. This project aims to re-envision the «green» within a dense building typology. As the Beirut Village mass plan incorporates a vast central park, the building orients itself towards it, and re-installs new green opportunities through its enlarged terraces and stepping geometry. To live within a dense yet high end building requires a specific attention to creating different living situations, as well as a more significant attention to the issue of privacy and outward views. In this project, what is proposed is to create a building mass, composed of two main bodies, each served by a separate vertical core. Within these two main volumes, apartments are situated in a way that insures no single apartment overlooks the next, and to establish a continuous sense of uniqueness on all floors; the stepping back geometry results in no apartment type being repeated , but instead creates several residential scenarios throughout. Located 6 minutes away from the beirut central district & 6Km from the hariri international airport, hazmieh has always been a hub of spacious green areas interwoven with an urban residential fabric. Its special location has forever marked hazmieh as one of the most important suburbs of the city.