Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon
484 m²
4,250 m²
© Géraldine Bruneel
Badaro Living, a vintage 1950s structure, sits amidst the tranquil urban community of Badaro. With one dozen apartments, the scale of Badaro Living is intimate. The project is composed of duplex apartments with large terraces and pools, as well as simplex spaces. Generously high ceilings, from 3.50 to 5.75 meters, and large window openings will contribute to maintaining the vintage character of the building. This sense of intimacy will be heightened further by the gardens surrounding the building, allowing for a greater sense of privacy and calm. All floors will benefit from views of the greenery, as well as an abundance of ¬≠natural light streaming in through the multitude of windows. The original charm of Art Deco elements will be preserved, while the building will also be brought up to date, in keeping with today’s lifestyle requirements.