Abdel Wahab El Inglisi Street, Beirut, Lebanon
252 m²
2,860 m²
© Géraldine Bruneel
This program consists of four shop fronts, six repetitive single floor three bedroom apartments, and a two-story three bedroom penthouse. The site is relatively small with non-parallel sides and a rectangular proportion. The split between the two masses that form the building reflect the typical regional subdivision of the house program into private and public. The balcony orients itself towards the street perspective as it protrudes from the mass. The building makes an offering to the urban space by widening the sidewalk on the street side into a front open space. One large backspace allows sunlight to reach the ground floor level, flooding it with light and ventilating the service areas. The idea of private and public spaces is rendered clearly with two distinctive facades separated by a glass strip. This curtain wall reflects the sky, giving the illusion of two buildings instead of one. Hence the street facade becomes subtler in its urban impact.