Eko Atlantic, Lagos, Nigeria
1,140 m²
17,608 m²
2,201 m²
Sitting at the heart of Lagos’ vibrant Harbour Light district on the Atlantic coast, Abi Eko is a sustainable, mixed use building combining offices and retail. This striking and characterful building forms a dramatic composition within the evolving skyline of the city, with a slim and sculpted tower floating upon a five storey podium. Abi Eko has been designed with the needs of its users and environmental concerns at the heart the scheme, making best use of deeply recessed windows and apertures that connect with the coastal views but also mitigate the impact of the sun, helping to keep the tower cool and reducing running costs. Balancing the need for light with the reduction of solar gain, the building has been conceived with a particular emphasis upon sustainable design. Developed by the Abillama family, Abi Eko features an engaging indoor-outdoor relationship at street level in the form of a spacious and welcoming lobby, sitting alongside a double height retail zone. Complemented by a basement level and a service floor, the podium offers a mixture of parking and utilities, while the eleven principal storeys above are devoted to office tenants. Flexibility is key to the design of Abi Eko, with each office level adapating to the needs of a single tenant or a paired tenancy. Reception areas, conference zones, restrooms and kitchenettes are integral to the floor plans throughout, while the adaptable nature of the design allows for a choice of open plan or closed offices. This landmark building is topped by an enticing roof level – shared by all the tenants - which offers open views of the city and the coast, as well as an integrated gym, dining room, conference space and roof terrace.